Youth Ministry






Welcome to the Morrison United Methodist Youth Program!

Youth Leadership Team
Emily Givens
, Director of Jumpstart and Director of Student Outreach
787-3786 or
Jared Hester, Director of Worship Technology and Director of Student Ministries
787-3786 or

What are the goals of the youth leadership team?
The youth team are consistently working to bring your child closer to Christ. Every decision we make, and event that we have, are designed to:
  • Help your child grow in their relationship and knowledge of Jesus;
  • Help them understand and learn the amazing continuous story of God and his plan for us and humanity;
  • Create a fun, enriching, and safe environment of loving fellowship where they can feel at ease to be themselves and know that they are deeply loved.



August 17- Youth Sunday Practice: NEED EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE
After the Warren Willis Week, we will be hitting Youth Sunday hard. If you would like to participate, please let Emily know. We like to have as many kids possible participate. There are lots of different roles. We’ve even had youth make art projects to contribute. We are waiting to hear the theme of Warren Willis’s talks to tie into what the High School students heard at Passion so we can create a solid theme. The scriptures, talks, songs, artwork… everything will be coordinated to this theme and is run by youth.
August 19- Youth Sunday! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

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