Lay Leadership






126. The Ministry of the Laity—The ministry of the laity flows from a commitment to Christ’s outreaching love. Lay members of The United Methodist Church are, by history and calling, active advocates of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every layperson is called to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20); every layperson is called to be missional. The witness of the laity, their Christ-like examples of everyday living as well as the sharing of their own faith experiences of the Gospel, is the primary evangelistic ministry through which all people will come to know Christ and The United Methodist Church will fulfill its mission.

From The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church - 2008, Part III, Section II, Paragraph 126.

Lay Leader:  Marc Matthews
Church Council Chairperson:  Nina Coe
Staff-Parish Relations Chairperson:  Ron Morem
Finance Chairperson: Steve Knowles
Trustees Chairperson:  Loren Liston
Permanent Endowment Fund Chairperson:  Jeff Sustarsic
Worship Chairperson:  Carla Goldstein
Evangelism Chairperson: Vi Moon
Food Ministry Chairperson: John Mussitch
UMW President: Pat Shockey
Outreach Team Chairperson:  Debbie Lynch
Nurture Team Chairperson:  Becky Bigelow
Scholarship Chairperson:  Laverne Schultz
Opportunity Shop Board:  Jackie Talley
Preschool Advisory Board Chairperson: Harriett Morem
Disaster Response Team Chairperson: Jerry Elton
Special Events Parking Chairperson:  Walter Barrett
Flower Team Coordinator:  Jean Edwards
Historian: Nina Coe
Lay Members of Annual Conference:  Wayne and Jean Calloway
Alternate Lay Members of Annual Conference:  Beverly Coe and Nina Coe