JumpStart:Mentoring for Success











Mission Statement: to encourage middle school students to reach their full academic potential with personalized homework help.
Jumpstart is a homework help program geared to assisting middle school students with the aid of high school students as mentors, and loving adult volunteers as facilitators. Jumpstart aims to provide one-on-one time with students so they can gain more instruction in subjects such as math and reading. Each student works and builds a relationship with the same high school student every week.
Jumpstart operates every Wednesday during regular Lake County school days. Morrison’s bus picks up the middle school students from Carver.

Weekly Schedule:
3:15 pm- Morrison picks up students from Carver.
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm- Students and tutors eat snack and work on the student’s weekly homework.
5:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Students and tutors eat dinner during the Wednesday Altogether Meal in the Family Life Center.
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm- Character building through games with aid from the Boys and Girls Club
6:30 pm- Pick up in the Multi-Ministry Building

Bonus Bucks
Along with promoting academic excellence, Jumpstart would also like to promote positive reinforcement for good character development, hard work, and money management skills. To achieve this, the students will have the opportunity to receive 2 bonus bucks each week. These will be given for a positive attitude and hard work during homework-help time. Once a month, the student will be able to purchase goodies and prizes at the Bonus Bucks Store in the Jumpstart facilities.

Jumpstart is a completely free program for the students. The cost is being provided by the loving family of the Morrison United Methodist Church and privately funded grants.